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Tech Focus: Electro-Voice MTS Series Large-Venue Loudspeakers

Electro-Voice is expanding its portfolio of large-venue loudspeakers with the MTS series that are designed to deliver an unmatched combination of tremendous output and precise coverage.

Electro-Voice is expanding its portfolio for stadiums and large venues with the global introduction of the MTS series of full-range, high-output, long-throw, point-source loudspeaker systems. Each MTS standard model is equipped with four 15-inch woofers and dual coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers. The system is capable of generating more than 151 dB peak SPL with exact directivity for very-long-throw applications.

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Full-range horn-loaded loudspeaker with four 15-inch woofers and dual coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers generates more than 151 dB peak SPL.

MTS represents a truly holistic approach to loudspeaker design. Loudspeaker geometry, complementary amplifier matching, and digital processing are computer-optimized to ensure precisely distributed SPL that remains balanced and controlled throughout the entire coverage area – even at full output. Four slot-loaded, high efficiency low-frequency drivers are symmetrically coupled to the same full-range waveguide as the compression drivers to create a true point-source with substantial bass response, eliminating the need for additional subwoofers in many applications.

The MTS series consists of four base models. These include two standard three-way configurations with 60- x 40-degree or 40- x 30-degree coverage, and two cardioid configurations (equipped with two additional 15-inch woofers) that provide the same coverage patterns with enhanced low-frequency directional control. The 60- x 40-degree models can deliver extremely high SPL: 151 dB peak (music) down to 55 Hz at -10 dB and 154 dB peak (speech); the 40- x 30-degree models are capable of 152 dB peak (music) down to 50 Hz at -10 dB and 155 dB peak (speech).

Each version is available with black or white finish, and each is available in a partially weatherized (PW) version for sheltered use or in a fully weatherized (FW) version for full exposure to the elements. All MTS loudspeakers have an IP55 rating, indicating that they are highly impervious to dust and water ingress.

The MTS series leverages EV’s engineering resources as part of the Bosch Group. The loudspeakers were designed using exclusive High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, running proprietary modeling software designed by EV engineers.

A proprietary dual lossless Hydra waveform converter feeds a coherent arc source into a large constant directivity waveguide to ensure pattern control to below 350 Hz.

The engineering team iterated hundreds of FEA simulations to achieve ideal system performance. This work led to new EV technologies, including the dual lossless Hydra waveform converter that that drives a large constant directivity waveguide with a coherent arc source, ensuring pattern control to below 350 Hz.

The launch of MTS brings an evolution of EV’s pioneering manifold loudspeaker technology and MH horn technology to advanced levels of audio performance. Manifold technology describes a method for acoustically combining the output of multiple transducers. EV pioneered this approach decades ago for high-frequency compression drivers and has refined the technology for both the coaxial compression drivers and the low-frequency drivers in these speakers.

MTS is engineered for use with amplification and processing from Dynacord as part of a SONICUE-driven hardware/software ecosystem, for cost-effective and energy-efficient system design with unique performance optimization and system protection features. Proprietary speaker settings and limiter functions ensure exceptional performance with long-term reliability at extremely high output levels.

Further, a complete package of design files is provided for advanced acoustical and mechanical system simulation in venues. Electro-Voice PREVIEW Loudspeaker Software is the fastest and most accurate way to create acoustic designs with MTS, including those that augment the full-range MTS models with the recommended X12i-128 dual-18-inch subwoofer.

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Two additional 15-inch woofers, cardioid versions, deliver full-bandwidth directivity control that reduces sound spill outside the pattern.

While line arrays have become more common in stadium installations over the past few years, they are not always the ideal solution. For example, broadband vertical control and high output can only be achieved with a greater overall array height. These longer arrays require correspondingly more amplifier channels and can interfere with sightlines. MTS reliably provides precise coverage control in both the horizontal and the vertical aspects, without sacrificing sound quality or SPL.

Typically, an MTS installation will involve fewer cable runs, lower installed weight, less complex rigging, and fewer amplifier channels for equivalent performance. This positions MTS as a go-to solution, providing the highest possible value to the customer.

With every detail geared towards addressing the most demanding requirements of consultants, integrators and installers specializing in large performance venues – ranging from school football fields and regional arenas to the largest international stadiums – MTS brings to bear its stunning acoustic performance with superior control, coverage and clarity, setting the next standard in stadium sound.

MTS design files are available now for project planning. Talk to your regional EV rep for more details on availability.

Electro-Voice MTS series

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