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The new TASCAM SB-16D 16-input/16-output Dante-enabled stage box.

TASCAM Introduces SB-16D 16-In/16-Out Dante Stage Box

Integrates with the company's recently introduced Sonicview digital recording and mixing console, with multiple units able to be used simultaneously in a Dante network.

TASCAM has announced the launch of the SB-16D, a new 16-input/16-output Dante-enabled stage box that integrates with the company’s recently introduced Sonicview digital recording and mixing console.

Controllable by means of the TASCAM IO Control app or via Sonicview consoles, the SB-16D can be used as a floor stage box or rack mounted, and multiple stage boxes can be used simultaneously in a Dante network. It offers a complement of I/O that includes 16 XLR mic/line inputs and 16 XLR line outputs, and if more capacity is required, multiple SB-16D stage boxes can be networked. Each input channel has +48-volt phantom power and an SIG OL LED for input-level monitoring. Additionally, each line output is equipped with SIG OL LEDs.

Two Dante ports equipped with etherCON-compatible Dante connectors enable redundant streams. For added reliability, a DC power input is provided that allows a redundant power supply (not included).

As available in the Sonicview mixers, each SB-16D microphone input feeds a TASCAM Class 1 HDIA (High-Definition Instrumentation Architecture) mic preamp. Due to an instrumentation amplifier with exceptional noise characteristics in the first stage, Class 1 HDIA microphone preamps are quiet in achieving a -128 dBu EIN, a high signal-to-noise and distortion ratio, and very good frequency response. The mic inputs can accept up to +32 dBu signals to provide added headroom for sudden level increases.

As with the Sonicview mixers, the SB-16D uses 32-bit analog-to-digital converters and a 96 kHz sampling frequency. During the SB-16D’s development, repeated internal and external evaluations were conducted to fine-tune the stage box.

When a SB-16D is connected to a Sonicview 16XP or 24XP mixer, microphone gain can be remotely controlled from the mixing console, and all SB-16D I/O comes up on the TASCAM Sonicview VIEW touch screens. In addition, the SB-16D is equipped with 8-in/8-out GPIOs, which expand to 16-in/16-out GPIOs when connected to a TASCAM Sonicview recording mixer, facilitating parallel control.

As previously noted, the stage box can also be controlled via the TASCAM IO Control app that’s available for macOS, Windows, and iPadOS. It can be rack-mounted with the included brackets that offer two angle options. Large rubber feet maintain stability, even with cables connected, when the SB-16D is used as a floor box. Multiple stage boxes can be stacked for ease of transportation and stability during installation. A carrying handle is also included.

The new SB-16D is slated to become available in Q2, 2023.


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