Tascam Debuts TH-06 Bass XL Monitoring Headphones

New model offers enhanced bass response for producing, recording and mixing, as well as listening to music for pleasure.

Tascam has unveiled its TH-06 Bass XL monitoring headphones with enhanced bass response for producing genres such as EDM, Hip Hop, Metal, and R&B. These comfortable, versatile headphones are for recording and mixing, as well as listening to music for pleasure.

The TH-06 employs a custom 45 mm neodymium-magnet driver and features Bass XL, a special voicing that delivers enhanced low frequency response with clarity and minimal distortion. The TH-06 are a great choice for DJ’s, producers, remixers, and music enthusiasts who love deep low end.

These new headphones are lightweight and feature ear cups that can rotate 180 degrees. A special sewing process around the edge tightly stitches them around a stainless steel frame for extra cushion. Combined with a strong, flexible, lightweight manganese headband, this ensures a comfortable fit. With comfort, adjustability, distortion-free sound, and listening isolation, users can monitor for extended periods without ear fatigue.

The headphones’ internal connections use OFO oxygen-free copper wire core. The 9.8 foot (3m) cable offers plenty of room to move around and comes with both a 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) connector and a 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) adapter.

Tascam’s TH-06 headphones are expected to be available in June 2019 at an anticipated estimated street price of $69.99.


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