Tascam Bundles iZotope RX Elements With DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder

New DR-10L/RX Elements bundle provides a recording and editing workflow solution where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post production challenges.

Tascam has announced that it is bundling its black DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder with a free full version of iZotope’s audio repair and noise reduction tool, RX Elements.

The DR-10L/RX Elements bundle brings a recording and editing workflow solution to live productions where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post production challenges, including weddings, on-location films, and documentaries, to name a few.

The DR-10L and RX Elements bundle reflects synergy, where individual components in the production chain combine to create a solution greater than the sum of the two parts. Imagine being able to remove the sound of a siren in the background captured by the DR-10L the moment a couple says “I do,” or the sound of a jet flying overhead during an otherwise perfect first take of the closing scene of an indie film.

As perfect production partners, the DR-10L and RX Elements together address common live production and recording challenges, reducing stress while on location by helping a videographer or filmmaker ensure reliable and accurate audio dialogue capture, while streamlining costs and workflow during post production by reducing the time required for fixing and repairing problematic audio.

The Tascam DR-10L is a compact and convenient digital recorder/lavalier microphone combo that is ideal for use as an invisible backup recorder for any type of live production. With its compact and lightweight design, simple and easy setup, long battery life, and professional quality audio captured to a micro SD card, the DR-10L provides an all-in-one capture and record solution.

RX Elements is a noise reduction and audio repair tool for anyone that just needs the basics. RX Elements includes a standalone audio editor with spectral editing as well as four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins to fix clipping, hums, clicks, and other unwanted background noise like amp hiss or air conditioner noise. Its Repair Assistant feature uses digital signal processing power to analyze audio and provide solutions to quickly correct common issues.

“We are excited to expand further on our collaborative relationship with iZotope, which began earlier this year with the bundling of our SERIES102i and SERIES 208i audio/midi interfaces with Neutron Elements,” says Paul Youngblood, director of product marketing for Tascam. “Together, the DR-10L and RX Elements will solve a host of recording and post production issues that have plagued videographers and filmmakers for years.”

“We are excited to be able to bring one of our top products to a wide variety of Tascam users through this collaboration,” says Scott Simon, director of corporate business development at iZotope. “With featuring RX Elements in Tascam’s DR-10L, users will have the opportunity to deliver high-quality production audio they many have not been able to achieve before.”



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