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Tame Impala is currently on tour with d&b GSL- and KSL-Series line arrays.

Tame Impala Hits The Road In U.S. & Mexico With d&b audiotechnik

Worley Sound teaming up with Solotech Nashville to supply GSL- and KSL-Series line arrays and supporting components on the "Slow Rush Tour."

Australian psych rockers Tame Impala have hit the road on the “Slow Rush Tour,” picking up where things left off before the pandemic and playing throughout the U.S. and Mexico supported by a sound reinforcement system headed by d&b audiotechnik GSL- and KSL-Series line arrays chosen by Adam Round, the band’s front of house engineer.

“With a variety of challenging arenas and amphitheaters, the cardioid SL-Series does such an awesome job of eliminating unwanted noise at the rear of the loudspeakers,” states Round. “This directivity gives us much more clarity in these large reflective spaces. It also allows us to process things in ways we couldn’t before because the volume back on stage is now greatly reduced. The d&b SL-Series is a truly remarkable sounding system and has a huge amount of horsepower. Whenever the band hit some of those low notes it really shows off what the SL-SUBs are capable of.”

Worley Sound has partnered with the Nashville office of Solotech to provide the loudspeakers for the tour. “The schedule is predominantly made up of large hockey arenas with a few large amphitheaters, so we needed the horsepower of the GSL as the main hang but felt the flexibility and efficiency of the KSL was better suited to cover the sides of the arenas.” explains Tom Worley, owner and director of the Nashville-based company bearing his name.

“With d&b’s ArrayCalc simulation software coupled with ArrayProcessing we have achieved improved uniformity throughout the venues,” he continues. “Worley system engineer Justin Lenards has a great understanding of ArrayProcessing, and together with Adam, they are achieving great results in some challenging environments.”

The main hangs consist of 14 GSL8 modules over four GSL12 modules per side, with side hanges of a dozen KSL8 over four KSL12 per side for side hangs, eight Y10p and four V12 loudspeakers for fills, and 16 SL-SUBs wubwoofers. Audio power is delivered by 48 d&b D80 amplifiers joined by a DS10 audio network bridge all controlled by R1 Remote Control software.

“The sub array is setup as eight stacks of two SL-SUBs spaced at 8-foot centers,” says Lenards. “This allows us to have greater control of the sub array while still providing maximum impact throughout the arena. The Y10Ps for front fills are centered on each sub stack, elevated on a small riser which is the perfect height for the listener without creating any site line issues. We are using the V12s just in case the audience extends the main coverage.”

Worley Sound is also providing a DiGiCo Quantum 7 used by Round at front of house and a DiGiCo Quantum 5 for monitor engineer Rafael Lazzaro.

Worley Sound

handling the band’s on-stage requirements, mixed by Rafael Lazzaro.
PHOTO CREDIT: Worley Sound
About Worley Sound: Worley Sound is a boutique sound reinforcement company based in Nashville TN specializing in precise audio solutions for touring professionals.

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