RE/P Files: The Rise Of Alan Parsons

By Howard Cummings September 6, 2016

From the October 1976 issue of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine, Howard Cummings interviews a legend of the industry, producer/engineer Alan Parsons. Howard… Read More

The Real Thing With Duran Duran

By Greg DeTogne August 8, 2016

True, they may have begun as a group of art school, experimental rockers from the UK that quickly rose to superstardom in the 1980s on… Read More

Taking The Initiative

By Kevin Young August 1, 2016

Karrie Keyes enjoyed a unique view of the 1980s-90s punk rock scene as well as the rise and evolution Pearl Jam, one of the more… Read More

On The Same Wavelength

By PSW Staff May 13, 2016

Hans Haas is passionate about many things, particularly audio, science and technology, and brewing beer. It’s a combination that led him open Wavelength Brewery last… Read More

Sam I Am

By Kevin Young March 11, 2016

For Sam Berkow, acoustical design, sound measurement, and audio in general are lifetime passions, the ones that ultimately led him to found SIA Acoustics, and… Read More

In Profile: Dr Adam Hill

By Kevin Young February 10, 2016

Although he’s only been in the audio industry for 12 years, Dr. Adam J. Hill has packed in a huge amount of work, splitting his… Read More

Dave Shadoan, In Profile

By Kevin Young January 8, 2016

To Dave Shadoan, what sets Sound Image apart are its people, partnerships built over the long haul, and most importantly, unfailing service to clients. Read More

Generational Blessing

By M. Erik Matlock November 25, 2015

Central Georgia is known for several things, including great food, classic southern culture, and a disproportionate number of churches. One church that’s stood as a… Read More

In Profile: Riley Vasquez

By M. Erik Matlock November 11, 2015

Riley Vasquez has deep roots in the music business and production work. The grandson of Bill Hardin, founder of… Read More

In Profile: Lou Mannarino

By Kevin Young October 6, 2015

To say Lou Mannarino has accomplished a lot as an entrepreneur, audio engineer, teacher, conductor and musician is a huge understatement. But he’s always been… Read More

Life On The Leading Edge

By Kevin Young August 6, 2015

Bryan Bell has worn many hats over the course of his career: long-time front of house engineer and technician for Herbie Hancock, MIDI system designer… Read More