Ike Zimbel

Road Stories #2: Paying The Dues

By Ike Zimbel December 19, 2018

In 1980 I was working for a band, doing sound…and lights…and some backline… from front of house. During the 11 months I was with them,… Read More

Road Stories #5

By Ike Zimbel March 7, 2017

At 6 o’clock one fine Saturday morning in 1994, my bedside phone rang. It was the crew booker for the sound company I was managing… Read More

Step-By-Step RF

By Ike Zimbel January 9, 2017

For many in pro audio, working with wireless systems is still thought to be a “nightmare” filled with peril, an accident waiting to… Read More

Front Lines: RF FAQ

By Ike Zimbel June 7, 2016

PSW Top 20 presented by Renkus-Heinz   As the use of wireless systems continues to grow and… Read More