Greg Detogne

Concerted Collaboration

By Greg DeTogne November 7, 2016

Prior to this year, the last time Peter Gabriel and Sting toured together was in 1988 as part of a string of Amnesty International concerts. Read More

The Real Thing With Duran Duran

By Greg DeTogne August 8, 2016

True, they may have begun as a group of art school, experimental rockers from the UK that quickly rose to superstardom in the 1980s on… Read More

Viva Las Vegas Audio

By Greg DeTogne June 14, 2016

Fremont Street is where it all really started in Las Vegas. As the site of many firsts for both the city and Nevada, consider that… Read More

Going Places With Luke Bryan

By Greg DeTogne May 16, 2016

No matter how much dust Luke Bryan’s current Kill the Lights Tour kicks up, the party and the good times just keep rolling. With… Read More

Cheap Trick: Touring With Abandon

By Greg DeTogne February 17, 2016

There’s an old adage still floating about that claims if you remember the ‘70s, you probably weren’t there. I was, and while I do… Read More

Arena Rock In The Round

By Greg DeTogne January 15, 2016

Among the pantheon of arena rock legends, Muse just may be having a truly transcendent moment with its Drones World Tour, which kicked off in… Read More

On The Right Track

By Greg DeTogne December 8, 2015

The last thing you need when you get some precious time off from the road is to come home and find a black bear in… Read More

Good To Go

By Greg DeTogne October 12, 2015

Following a summer on the shed circuit plus a sizable number of theatre gigs, Grace Potter is taking a turn into the fall season with… Read More