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System Upgrade Headed By RCF Delivers At Live Performance Theatre In Russia

Coverage and system control issues at The Palace of Culture October in Podolsk handled with HDL 28-A active line arrays, SUB 9004-A active subwoofers and RDNet protocol.
The view from the stage at The Palace of Culture October in Podolsk, with new RCF HDL 28-A active line arrays flying left and right.

The Palace of Culture October, an 850-seat theatre with two levels established in 1966 in Podolsk (near Moscow), has a new sound reinforcement system to support a range of live events that’s headed by RCF active line arrays and subwoofers provided by ARIS, the company’s distributor in Russia.

Installed more than 10 years ago, the previous sound system was unable to properly cover the venue’s spacious 240-capacity balcony. It meant that tickets to the area during box office concerts weren’t sold in order to avoide complaints from disappointed patrons. When the budget was approved for a new system, a mandatory requirement from management was addressing this issue

ARIS suggested flying RCF HDL 28-A arrays, each comprised of six elements, to each side of the stage. The two upper elements in the arrays exclusively target the balcony, while the four lower elements handle the ground floor. Three SUB 9004-A active 18-inch subwoofers are configured in left-right stacks on the ground to enhance low frequencies. All control and monitoring of the system is carried out from the sound booth using RDNet protocol.

A preliminary demonstration of the proposed equipment was carried out for venue management, with ARIS technicians dismantling the existing system and temporarily installed a new one in its place. It was a successful demo, and the management agreeing to the upgrade from a sonic standpoint as well as the advantages RDNet provides in managing the system.


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