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SynAudCon Releases Two New Online Courses On Equalization

"Course 130 – Equalization" and "Course 210 – Advanced EQ" are both based on SynAudCon leader Pat Brown’s 30-plus years of sound system tuning experience.

SynAudCon has released two new online courses offering an in-depth focus on equalization, both developed by Pat Brown based on his 30-plus years of sound system tuning experience.

“Course 130 – Equalization” presents a systematic approach to system tuning, covering the core concepts of measurement and room acoustics, applying them to the equalization process. The course is designed to improve proficiency on a simple 1/3-oct RTA as well as an advanced PC-based measurement system. Cost is $299 (U.S.).

Meanwhile, “Course 210 – Advanced EQ” offers increased breadth and depth, replicating the Course 130 material while also presenting additional lectures that address the finer points of measurement, filters, and the system tuning process. Additional areas of focus are phase, group delay, wavelets, IIR and FIR filters. The course is designed as prep for training on specific measurement platforms. Cost is $399 (U.S.).

Go here to find out more and to sign up for both courses.


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