SynAudCon Presents Sound System Design In Shenzhen, China

More than 80 audio professionals recently converged on Shenzhen, China to attend a three-day SynAudCon Sound System Design seminar.

The session was hosted by EZPro International, a distributor for Community Professional, EAW, Mackie, Symetrix and other leading brands, who’s vice president, Tao Zhang, had previously lived in the U.;S., working with Community Professional.

During that time he also attended several SynAudCon seminars, experiences that motivated him to bring that high level of audio education to China.

“Audio education is difficult to find in Asia,” Zhang explains. “After experiencing the SynAudCon seminars, I knew audio professionals in the region would be excited for the opportunity. It was terrific that Pat and Brenda (Brown) were able to work with us to bring their training here.”

Lead by instructor Pat Brown, Sound System Design provides attendees with a logical, intuitive, comprehensive approach to the system design process. It covers speech intelligibility issues, determining loudspeaker types for specific applications – and the correct amplifiers to use – as well as computer room modeling.

Attendees of the Shenzhen seminar came from the five provinces in China as well as Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Many work with some of the largest system integrators in the country. Zhang stepped up as Brown’s translator, with his technical background along with his understanding of western and Asian culture enhancing the process.

The seminar was held in a 100-seat auditorium at EZPro headquarters that’s acoustically treated, equipped with a LCR sound reinforcement system, a Lares acoustical enhancement system, and video projection.

“It was gratifying to present this seminar,” says Brenda Brown. “Many of the attendees went out of their way to compliment the materials and presentation process. It was a terrific event for everyone involved with special thanks to EZPro for creating such a great learning environment.”



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