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SynAudCon Presenting “Making Wireless Work” Training In Anaheim This October

James Stoffo, Karl Winkler, and Tim Vear to present strategies and techniques for managing systems through onging changes and spectrum allocations.

SynAudCon is presenting the latest edition of its Making Wireless Work seminar this coming October 1 and 2 in Anaheim, CA, featuring presentations by instructors James Stoffo, Karl Winkler, and Tim Vear.

The seminar will provide crucial information as pro audio industry is coping with the loss of over 100 MHz of spectrum, helping users to increase the reliability of existing wireless systems as well as to integrate new technologies into existing productions. Manufacturers are introducing equipment in new RF bands, and these frequencies (wavelengths) respond differently than what users and manufacturers have typically dealt with.

Stoffo (Radio Active Designs) works as a frequency coordinator for the Grammy Awards, Olympics, World Cup, Rose Bowl, and many others. Winkler (Lectrosonics) and Vear (Shure) represent the manufacturers who make the hardware and assist their customers, and as a result, understand the most common problems seen in the field.

Topics to be addressed include:

— How do I fit more channels into less spectrum?
— How do I increase the reliability and performance of my existing wireless mic systems?
— How to implement new technologies outside of the traditional UHF spectrum into existing systems.
— How do I deal with interference from lighting and video walls?
— How do I evaluate new wireless mic systems and components?
— What are the most effective transmit and receive antennas?

Making Wireless Work instructors (left to right) James Stoffo, Karl Winkler, and Tim Vear.

The major topics will include:

— Wireless microphone technologies
— Equipment that works in new RF bands
— Frequency coordination and band planning
— RF fundamentals
— Antenna selection and placement
— FCC and spectrum allocation issues
— Site survey and commissioning procedures

Dates: October 1-2, 2018
Location: Anaheim, CA

Register online or call Brenda at 812-923-0174.
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