SynAudCon Presenting Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) Speech Intelligibility Workshop

SynAudCon will be presenting the Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) Speech Intelligibility Workshop this coming January 3-5 (2013) at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas.

With the new NFPA-72 and UL2572 codes that are associated with Emergency Communication Systems, speech intelligibility seems to be on everyone’s mind.

The ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop will:

—Foster the design of intelligible systems

—Bring attendees up to speed on the codes

—Teach the measurement process to instill confidence that every system will meet the codes

The American Airlines Training and Conference Center, pictured below, is an ideal venue for the workshop. It offers a mock-up of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport terminal, complete with a reverberant field, arch ceilings, large windows—all of the problems that plague large spaces.

SynAudCon has assembled an all-star staff with expertise in system design, intelligibility codes, and STI theory and application, to lead the workshop.

For more information and to register, go here.


Wayne Moore
Hughes Associates, Inc.
Fire Alarm Code Expert

Sander van Wijngaarden, PhD
Managing Director
Embedded Acoustics
The Netherlands
Researcher, Co-Developer Of STI-PA

Peter Mapp
President – PMA
Acoustical Consultant Standards Committee Member

John Murray
Optimum System Solutions
Sound Reinforcement Expert Technical Trainer

Pat Brown
Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc
Audio Educator Electro-Acoustic Testing

These are key players in the design and measurement of speech communication systems — all in one place, all at one time.

For more information and to register, go here.

Workshop Overview

What Types of Systems Will Be Covered?

—Emergency Communication Systems – ECS

—Mass Notification Systems – MNS

—Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication Systems – EVACS Codes

How Will the Codes Affect My Business?



—UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria)


What Factors Impair Speech Intelligibility?




How Do I Measure Speech Intelligibility?

—Speech Transmission Index – STI


—Common Intelligibility Scale – CIS

—Room Impulse Response

—Handheld Instruments

Can Speech Intelligibility Be Predicted?

—Large Room Acoustics

—Computer 3D Room Modeling

What Loudspeakers Are Used For ECS?

—Wall-Mount and Ceiling Loudspeakers

—Horn-Loaded Loudspeakers

—Beam-Steered Line Arrays

—Passive Line Arrays

Multiple Demonstrations
Special Presentations
Panel Discussions

ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop
January 3-5, 2012
American Airlines Training/Conference Center
Dallas, TX
Cost: $1,200

For more information and to register, go here.


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