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Syn-Aud-Con Announces Upcoming Slate Of In-Depth Audio Training Seminars

Sessions coming up for Core Principles Of Audio, Sound Reinforcement For Technicians & Designers, and Digital Audio, Processing & Networking

Syn-Aud-Con has several of its in-depth audio training sessions coming up, beginning in April and continuing through the year. Led by Pat Brown, Syn-Aud-Con is noted for the depth and quality of its educational efforts.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming sessions:

Core Principles Of Audio:
Provides knowledge that is essential for operating a sound system. Important subjects such as microphone selection, mixer setup, and signal flow are extensively covered. The emphasis is on the practical rather than the theoretical, using real-world explanations of potentially complex subjects. Multimedia listening demonstrations drive the points home and convey a level of understanding that will help you head off problems before they occur.
04/06-04/07/09 – Denver, CO
05/18-05/19/09 – Columbus, OH
07/20-07/21/09 – San Francisco CA
08/17-08/18/09 – Near Newark, NJ

Sound Reinforcement for Technicians: Covers the theory behind how systems work, and demonstrates how to use instrumentation to look “under the hood” to troubleshoot systems. Advanced topics such a crossover adjustments and equalization are presented in a technical, yet practical manner. This course will teach you how the systems works and how to fix them when they don’t.
04/08-04/09/09 – Denver, CO
05/20-05/21/09 – Columbus, OH
07/22-07/23/09 – San Francisco CA
08/19-08/20/09 – Near Newark, NJ
***Note that these immediately follow the Core Principals Of Audio sessions at the same locations.***

Sound Reinforcement for Designers: Integrates the art and science of room acoustics with sound system design. A sound system is no better than the room that it is placed in. This course is designed to emphasize the codependence of room acoustics and sound system design.
06/14-06/17/09 – InfoComm, Orlando FL

Syn-Aud-Con Digital: Audio, Processing and Networking: Provides a better understanding of digital audio technology and how to use it to extend the capabilities and ease-of-use of your sound system design.
09/14-09/16/09 – Dallas TX

For more information, go to:

Syn-Aud-Con Website

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