Symetrix Debuts T-10 Glass High-Resolution Touchscreen

Company's first touchscreen offering simultaneous 10-finger operation for fast, accurate response and control.
The new T-10 Glass touchscreen from Symetrix.

Symetrix has introduced the new T-10 Glass, the first touchscreen from the company offering simultaneous 10-finger operation for fast, accurate response and control.

The 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 display is designed to provide high-resolution images at more than 224 ppi. The 850 nits maximum brightness in intended to help ensure the T-10 Glass will maintain full image clarity and color even in direct sunlight.

Like the T-5 and T-5 Glass 5-inch touchscreens, the new T-10 Glass is IP-based, with data and PoE-power delivered over a single Ethernet cable. Installation options include compatibility with standard 2-gang wall boxes in both U.S. and EU form factors, as well as a newly designed mounting bracket that allows it to be wall mounted in any of four landscape or portrait orientations. An optional tabletop accessory allows it to be deployed on a table or desktop.

The T-10 Glass leverages Symetrix’s SymVue GUI authoring software, allowing control screens to be created, tested and simulated offline before being deployed. As part of the company’s free Composer software, SymVue provides a toolset for manipulating control objects, text and images in a convenient workflow. Multiple pages with custom controls, unique backgrounds, corporate logos and more can be created with SymVue and then exported to a single T-10 Glass or batch exported to multiple touchscreens simultaneously.

The new T-10 Glass will begin shipping Q2 of 2021.


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