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Switzerland’s ICF Mittelland Equipped With KV2 Audio

Plusmusic AG outfits non-denominational church in Oftringen with SL412, EX6 and ESD5 loudspeakers over a pair of VHD2.18J subwoofers.

ICF Mittelland is a non-denominational free church headquartered in Oftringen in northern Switzerland. The church has recently upgraded its sound system with loudspeakers from KV2 Audio, supplied by Swiss Pro AV and lighting specialists, Plusmusic AG.

The church is housed in the Celebration Hall at the You Event Center in Oftringen which offers space for 800 standing places or 350 seats, depending on the event. The highlight of the week is the “Celebrations” service for all age groups. It takes place every Sunday and is always a loud, cheerful and passionate occasion accompanied by a worship band.

In August 2018 a new floor was laid in the Celebration Hall. The technical equipment including the audio system also required a complete upgrade. The biggest challenge was to provide optimal sound for a wide, yet not very deep hall. ICF Mittelland called on, Plusmusic AG, to help them with their audio requirements.

Once the room acoustics had been optimized with acoustic panels on the ceiling and walls, Plusmusic organized a live demo of a range of KV2 equipment in situ at in the Celebration Hall. ICF Mittelland’s technical manager, Patric Neeser, and the rest of his team were so impressed with what they heard that they decided to invest in a KV2 point source system.

“The sound quality is truly remarkable,” confirms Neeser. “Firstly, the definition and transparency are stunning, and secondly, the wide dispersion of the SL412 system is perfect for the shape of our venue. It’s a difficult area to cover from an acoustic point of view, being very wide and shallow, but we have managed to achieve smooth and even coverage across the whole area.”

Plusmusic supplied a pair of wide dispersion SL412s driven by an SL3000 amplifier for the main PA system, supplemented by a pair of VHD2.18J subwoofers powered by a VHD3200. Depending on the event, two EX6 full-range loudspeakers and an ESD5 center loudspeaker are used for stage monitoring/fill.

Neeser is thrilled with the new system. “Our new KV2 audio equipment enables us to fill the entire room with high quality, crystal clear sound – so we can get right to the point, and everyone can hear us.”

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