Switchcraft Introduces Waterproof Mini XLR Connectors

Switchcraft has introduced a new Mini XLR connector that is waterproof to IP66.

Mini XLR connectors were invented by Switchcraft in an effort to help wireless microphone manufacturers shrink down their bodypacks. 

They have since become an industry standard, even being used for non-audio applications such as medical devices. 

With the expertise gained from their harsh environment connectivity products, Switchcraft has developed the first truly sealed Mini-XLR.

IP stands for “ingress protection” and IP66 means it is completely protected against dust and jets of water. Switchcraft’s sealed Mini XLRs are also intermateable with unsealed “TA style” Mini XLRs, and the panel connector is sealed when unmated as well (IP65).

Switchcraft’s Mini XLR connectors are made in the USA and available at many leading electronics distributors. 


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