Switchcraft/Conxall Announces New Right Angle PCB Mount Connectors

Switchcraft/Conxall has expanded its Mini-Con-X line of sealed circular connectors to add a right angle PCB mount option for all panel mount configurations.

The Con-X line, original developed by Conxall in the 1980’s for the marine industry, is a series of waterproof connectors in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The 18mm Mini-Con-X is one of the most popular sizes in sealed connectors, and although it has been available with PC contacts, mounting the connector perpendicular to the board required the customer to build a custom PCB. This feature is now available standard in 2 thru 8 position connectors from Switchcraft/Conxall’s worldwide network of distributors in a narrow or wide configuration.

Switchcraft/Conxall’s sealed circular connectors are made in the USA and available at many leading electronics distributors. 


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