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Sweden’s Borås Stadsteater Invests In TiMax SoundHub & Tracker

500-capacity multi-use theater in Boras City equipped with new loudspeakers spatialized by a Dante-equipped SoundHub audio engine joined by a Tracker performer stagetracking system.
Borås Stadsteater sound team members Tobias Walka (left) and Chrille Sjöblom.

The Borås Stadsteater (Boras City Theater) in Sweden recently invested in a new loudspeaker system spatialized by a Dante-equipped TiMax SoundHub audio engine joined by a TiMax Tracker performer stagetracking system.

Flexiblity was of paramount importance to the 500-capacity, municipality-run theatre. Though spoken dramatic productions are predominant, along with classic productions and new writing, productions at the Stadsteater cater to requirements from modern circuses to musicals, and ballet to pop concerts.

Borås Stadsteater head of sound Tobias Walka specified all elements of the audio upgrade, including the TiMax SoundHub and TiMax Tracker. “We looked at the market and based on the system’s benefits, TiMax seemed like the best option for us,” he explains. “Also, being closely located to Folkteatern in Gothenburg, we benefit from their long-held knowledge and experience of TiMax, knowing that should the need arise, they could advise us.”

The intimate theatre also opted for an unconventional loudspeaker set up, with Alcons Audio LR7s forming the main hangs of a left-center-right configuration, supported by four 18-inch flown subwoofers. On stage, Alcons RR12 loudspeakers are positioned as upstage fills and sidefill, with 14 more Alcons point source loudspeakers providing the surround element of the localized audio.

Walka opted for a 20 Tag package for the TiMax Tracker while just four TiMax Tracker Sensors monitor every movement, designed to provide accuracy and responsiveness. The four Sensors are positioned to point towards the center stage area from their positions four meters above the stage: two at the rear of the stage and two positioned a couple of meters out in the auditorium.

Though tracking is not often required for productions at Borås Stadsteater, Walka points to the PanSpace function included in TiMax SoundHub. “It has taken our sound design to a completely different place! PanSpace has given us the ability to place and move sound throughout the stage and auditorium with such ease and precision, and the magical result is truly amazing. Before TiMax, it wasn’t possible for us to do the kind of sound design that we now can. We have a lot more options.

“We as sound engineers know that the only time someone comments on the sound is usually when there’s something wrong,” he concludes. “Since we started using TiMax, however, members of the audience have mentioned the sound as one of the memorable experiences of the evening. I attribute that to TiMax making our sound design reach a level where it’s noticeable even for a relatively ‘untrained’ ear.”


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