SurgeX Announces Axess Ready—IP Integration Of Existing Products

Highlighted by a web interface for remote access and management

By adding its Axess IP technology to core SurgeX products, Axess Ready products provide integrators with IP enabled solutions for a wide range of budgets and applications.

SurgeX now allows AV integrators to offer a similar experience with existing products, or a more sophisticated power management and protection system when combined with Axess or Axess Elite products.

Axess Ready products are fully equipped with IP network connectivity, no additional hardware needed.

Once connected, a web interface acts as the control and monitoring dashboard providing a number of useful power management functions.

Schedules can be created with single or multiple conditions to conserve energy by powering down equipment when not in use.

Installers can also remotely reboot connected equipment in real time if a problem is identified, or schedule a shutdown at a pre-determined time.

Axess Ready technology can also automatically power cycle locked up gear, saving integrators a truck roll.

SurgeX residential power products that are now Axess Ready include the XF2-AR FlatPak and the XS10-AR.

Professional power products available include the SA-82-AR FlatPak, CM-1115-RT-AR and CM-1120-RT-AR, Compact Mounts (two-outlet version only), SX20-NE/RT-AR – Branch Circuit, SA-1810-AR – Stand Alone, SA-15-AR and SA-20-AR .

“In order to create a more intelligent power management system, we equipped the core of our existing product line with network connectivity,” says Rick Komendera, vice president of sales for SurgeX. “The new Axess Ready line gives installers and consultants more product choices and management options while making our existing power solutions intelligent.”

As an added benefit, when used in conjunction with the SurgeX Cervella platform, all Axess Ready products are automatically discovered and can be securely controlled by Cervella.

Cervella, when used in combination with SurgeX’s new Axess platform, delivers the most comprehensive and fully integrated power protection, device management, control and reporting system in the industry.

When installed on a network, Cervella aggregates outlet-level energy and power information collected from each connected Axess, Axess Elite or Axess Ready devices into a single interface, while providing comprehensive reporting of the system’s power status, energy usage and overall network health.

SurgeX will be presenting its IP enabled power management products at the upcoming CEDIA show, booth 5261.


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