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SurgeX And Certified Cyber Solutions Partner To Offer Advanced Protection & Energy Management

Integrates the SurgeX iControl surge elimination technology and power management with the advanced secure remote management from Certified Cyber Solutions

SurgeX has announced a partnership with Certified Cyber Solutions. Protecting the system and its customers is a main priority for integrators and can become a major issue if not managed properly.

This new partnership integrates the SurgeX iControl surge elimination technology and power management with the advanced secure remote management from Certified Cyber Solutions, creating one single solution designed to erase those issues and give the customer the peace of mind that their system is fully protected.

The iControl power management system enable integrators the power to customize, synthesize and monitor individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP Addressable SurgeX Advanced Series Mode Power Conditioners, online via remote access.

The SurgeX iControl allows integrators to create and run sophisticated, custom sequences across an entire network and receive email notifications base on user definer, pre-determined conditions and thresholds, including: outlet status, current draw, power consumption, and rack temperature.

Certified Cyber Solutions technology offers secure remote management of an entire system. Its technology reduces the threat of cyber crime, as well as gives integrators a single dashboard to monitor, manage and troubleshoot any issues that may arise in their systems.

This dashboard provides a building schematic and floor plan view of any device on the network, right down to the office location, giving the integrator a unique interface that provides them with the capability to monitor and manage devices.

The simple point and click navigation allows users to quickly troubleshoot problems, monitor and manage energy usage data and operational status as well as send user defined notifications. Certified

Cyber Solutions enhances remote management and enables integrators to troubleshoot problems with any product on the IP network.

A particular advantage of the system is that integrators can actually see what the problem is, from faulting wiring to installation error, without even having to roll a truck to a site. This allows integrators to fix most issues from their own offices, and should they need to go onsite, they know exactly what the issue is, and can bring the appropriate equipment to fix it. 

Further, this solution offers integrators an aerial view of their full territory, providing a snapshot of each individual system. In one quick look, an integrator can survey all of their properties and immediately see if there is an issue.

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Certified Cyber Solutions Website

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