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RE/P Files: Studio Design And Construction

From the archives of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine comes a wealth of knowledge on live-end/dead-end acoustics which first appeared in the June 1982 issue. Read More

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Microfiles: The Legendary “Buchanan Hammer”

My Baltimore-area high school theater was outfitted with the first quality PA system I ever worked with. It had JBL horns and cabinets in a center cluster, powered by Crown amplifiers, with a 6-channel TAPCO mixer in the sound… Read More

The History Of PA, Part 1

What we commonly call “PA” is an amplification system used to reinforce a sound source and distribute it through a venue or building. PA stands for “public address” which hints at its most common usage – voice-based announcements in public… Read More

Building A Legacy: The Story Of Jensen Transformers

The name “Jensen” is likely familiar to many in the pro audio industry as a hallmark of technical excellence, particularly with respect to transformers. And that will live on, especially in light of Jensen Transformers recently becoming a member of… Read More

RE/P Files: Wally Heider Recording Sammy Davis, Jr. LIVE at the “NOW Grove”

From the archives of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine, this feature is an amazing look back at a Los Angeles live recording with a legendary artist, circa September 1970. (Volume 1, Number 3). The text is presented unaltered, along with all original graphics. A pdf for a print-out of the original article is located on page 3. Read More

Microfiles: The Sound Rocket

The majority of old microphones in my collection are for display, largely because they’re, well, old. Some require repair, others need an unusual connector or cable assembly to function. But the AKG D202E is different. It’s not in my… Read More

Microfiles: A Smooth (Looking) Operator

If you were a musician in the 1970s or are a fan of vintage gear, the name Univox should be familiar. Merson Musical Products, a musical instrument division of Unicord Incorporated, made and marketed a wide range of products… Read More

In Profile: Mick Whelan

Across more than four decades in pro audio, Mick Whelan has worn a substantial number of different hats: mix engineer for Paladin, The Sweet, and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band; Martin Audio’s first employee; sound designer and systems operator for Robin… Read More