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Perception Is Reality: Psychoacoustics From An Audio Engineer’s Perspective

We’ve all been to a show that was uncomfortably loud – piercing, yet unintelligible. The upper end of the mix is crowded, harsh and honestly, painful. After only a few minutes of listening, ear fatigue sets… Read More

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A User’s Guide to Hearing

Of all the tools at the disposal of the sound engineers, our ears are probably the most important yet also the most overlooked. Much like any other tool it helps to fully understand how they work to get the most… Read More

What Have You Done For Your Ears Lately?

Chances are you make at least part of your living with your ears. Stop and think about it. Could you perform your job as well…would your income level be the same…would your professional reputation be intact if you suffer severe… Read More

Why Does It Sound So Loud?

Several articles have been written about appropriate sound levels for concerts and worship services. Many techs choose a simple SPL (sound pressure level) metering technique because it’s an easy way to take an average reading of the overall dB level… Read More