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The Impact That Acoustics Can Have On Sound In Any Room

For most humans, there is nothing easier than breathing, seeing, smelling and hearing. We do these things without thought, and even take them for granted. Our senses were given to us to help us exist in a physical universe. They… Read More

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Church Sound: The Basics Of Acoustical Treatment

Acoustical treatment is something that most studio engineers are quite familiar with. However, many church audio technicians have only a passing understanding of the subject. So rather than telling you what treatment you need for your space, here’s a primer… Read More

Is A Drop Ceiling The Acoustical Ceiling?

Drop ceiling tiles are commonly found in commercial buildings, so it’s likely that in a professional audio career you will encounter them. They look decent, are cheap to install and maintain, and can cover lots of ugly utility such as… Read More

Considering The T60 Slope Ratio

T60 Slope Ratio: Symbolically – T60SR6. A proposed standard for condensing six octaves (63 Hz – 2 kHz) of reverberant decay data into a singular-quotient, qualitative score for medium and large performance, worship and entertainment facilities. Specifically, a… Read More

RE/P Files: Control Room Design For The Small Studio

From the March/April 1977 issue of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine, the principals of Abadon/Sun Studio, which was located in San Antonio, TX, look at the practical and technical sides of studio design. We at Abadon/Sun decided to… Read More