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By Ear & By Analyzer: Examining The Roles Of Instinct & Objectivity In System Optimization

One of the things I enjoy about working in a venue for an extended period is the opportunity to become very familiar with the ins and outs of the system and the room. This allows me to better help touring… Read More

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Church Sound: Plan For Failure To Achieve Success

I often hear stories about church leaders who won’t let the sound team “turn any knobs” on the mixing console. The leaders expect a great music mix to happen every week simply because it previously sounded great one time. Or… Read More

Properly Setting Sound System Gain Structure

Editor’s note: This piece goes back a few years but it’s full of information still very much relevant today. Realistically, audio signals at or near the noise floor of a system are not useful because the signal will not be… Read More

Why Do Concerts Sound Bad?

Most every time I go to a concert I come with the same feeling – why did it sound so bad? I’ve posted the following a few years ago, but it’s still holds true things never seems to get much… Read More

Stage Monitoring 101: The Essentials

It can be tough performing live on a stage – all the noise, Noise, NOISE. This is the first thing in my mind when doing stage monitoring because too much noise can compromise performances and presentations. It’s hard to be… Read More

Tech Focus: Dynacord Eco Rail Technology

Globally launched in 2018, Dynacord IPX series multi-channel amplifiers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany to deliver the pinnacle of power amplifier engineering for mid- to large-sized permanent installations. To optimize the IPX series for the installation market,… Read More

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