Sterling Audio Introduces SL230MP Mic Pair

Matched pair of medium-diaphragm microphones offer gold-sputtered condenser capsule with a six-micron membrane for up to 150 dB.

Sterling Audio announces the SL230MP medium-diaphragm condenser microphones.

Offered as a matched pair, the SL230MP mics offer realistic stereo recordings of acoustic guitar, piano, percussion, choirs, string sections, entire bands or orchestras, and more.

Each SL230 mic employs a real gold-sputtered condenser capsule with a six-micron membrane, allowing for high sensitivity to even the subtlest dynamic nuances in the source material.

The mics’ cardioid pickup pattern provides rejection of off-axis sounds, and a Class-A FET (field effect transistor) circuit design fosters smooth, wide frequency response and clean, consistent performance. As with most condenser mics, Sterling Audio SL230s operate on standard 48 volt phantom power.

A switchable highpass filter at 75 Hz rolls off rumble and subsonic vibrations. Thanks to a selectable -15 dB pad, the SL230 can be used in in high-volume applications. With the pad engaged, the SL230 handles sound pressure levels up to 150 dB, making the pair a good option for applications such as drum overheads in a live setting.

Sterling Audio takes the utmost care in the matching process, ensuring that the two mics exhibit frequency response and output characteristics within a single dB of one another for consistent level matching in stereo applications. The two SL230s come with a rugged, padded protective case, two SM9 shock mounts, and two windscreens.

The Sterling Audio SL230MP cardioid condenser microphone pair is available for just $149.99.

Sterling Audio

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