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Steinberg, MXL, MOGAMI, & Yamaha Join Forces To Offer Two New Recording Packs

Both include Cubase as well as UR22 audio interface

Steinberg, MXL, MOGAMI, and Yamaha have announced the release of the Cubase recording pack and the UR22 recording pack.

The Cubase recording pack comes with Cubase 7 and the UR22 USB audio interface from Steinberg, along with an MXL1022 condenser microphone, MXL-57 shock mount, and a Mogami 10-foot XLR-XLR cable. It also includes a pair of Yamaha RH5MA headphones.

The hardware-oriented UR22 recording pack, offers the UR22, a full downloadable version of Cubase AI7, an MXL1022 condenser microphone, an MXL-57 shock mount ,and a Mogami 10-foot XLR-XLR cable. It’s aimed at first-time audio interface users who seek a high-quality solution.

Cubase 7 features the new MixConsole, enhanced workflow options, and a new Channel Strip that offers pro console sound. The UR22 USB 2.0 audio interface includes two D-PRE preamps and 192 kHz support.

The MXL1022 large diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals and instruments in crisp detail. It features an FET preamp with balanced output and wide frequency response to pick up a broad range of sound, from vocals to a variety of instruments. The microphone is internally wired with Mogami cablem and, when placed into the MXL-57 shock mount, ensures professional performance.

Each XLR-XLR cable is made from Mogami’s 2552 microphone cable with signature Mogami 100-percent spiral coverage for extremely low noise. The cable is finished off with high quality gold-contact XLR connectors.

Yamaha RH5MA headphones have a semi-closed design and come with 1/4- and 1/8-inch jacks along with an 8-foot long cable. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz and impedance is 32 ohms.

“MXL and MOGAMI are proud to be bundled with products by two well-respected names in music recording – Steinberg and Yamaha,” says Perry Goldstein, MXL director of sales and marketing. “These bundles are compilations of four excellent brands that will result in a great experience for the end user.”

Steinberg North America director Alan Macpherson adds, “Having such renowned brands as MXL, Mogami and Yamaha bundled with Steinberg’s most popular products is inspiring. With only the best brands included, there is a clearly defined quality difference for both professional and entry level end users.”

The Cubase recording pack(MSRP: $1,119.99) and the UR22 recording pack (MSRP: $439.99) are available beginning in October exclusively in the United States.

Note: the Cubase pack includes Cubase 7 Upgrade 4 to “upgrade” the existing license, pre-loaded onto the included eLicenser USB key.


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