Steinberg Announces New Streamlined SpectraLayers Elements 6 Now Available

Designed to provide a range of enhancement capabilities across two audio channels, at a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz.
Screenshot of new SpectraLayers Elements 6 from Steinberg.

Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of SpectraLayers Elements 6, a streamlined version that comprises a simplified audio spectrum editing system with fewer tools, processing capabilities and parameters than the existing Pro edition.

SpectraLayers Elements 6 is designed to provide a range of enhancement capabilities across two audio channels, at a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz. “This solid version of SpectraLayers provides an affordable possibility for users to benefit from the powerful tools that only SpectraLayers has to offer,” states Timo Wildenhain, head of pro audio for Steinberg.

SpectraLayers Elements 6 is stated to integrate into every ARA 2 compatible DAW, such as Nuendo and Cubase, and it comes with many of the features newly introduced in SpectraLayers Pro 6, including visible fade masks, redesigned selection tools and the new Move tool to transform audio intuitively by grabbing layers to move or scale them.

“I use SpectraLayers every day in my workflow. It’s such a time-saver when using samples, I always want the original sample to sound ‘correct’ before I start adding color and effects to it,” says Stefan Engblom, producer and one half of Dada Life. “It’s really easy to do in SpectraLayers, I can visually see what’s wrong with it and just fix it. I always bring the acapella in SpectraLayers to fix resonances and balance the harmonics. To be honest I can’t understand how I did it before. You know those annoying ringing frequencies on just some words? I can fix those in just seconds, such a time-saver.”

The full retail version of SpectraLayers Elements 6 is available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop at a suggested retail price of 79.99 euros. An upgrade to SpectraLayers Pro 6 is also available for 219 euros. All prices include German VAT.

• Spectral editing with 16 real-time tools
• Advanced Selection Engine
• Selection-based effects
• Visual transformation system for sound
• Tracks, Regions and Clips separated as Layers
• ARA 2 and AAX compatibility
• Integration with other audio editors, such as WaveLab and iZotope RX
• 2D and 3D visualization of the Spectrogram
• Native restoration effects and spectral noise reduction


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