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Steakhouse Studio chief engineer Samuel Madill (left) and studio partner/engineer Lee Bench with a full complement of TELEFUNKEN mics on the drum kit.

Steakhouse Studio Rocks On With TELEFUNKEN Microphones

New DC7 Drum Pack joins a sizable collection at the Los Angeles facility specializing in music production that includes a Diamond Series Ela M 251E condenser, large-diaphragm C12 condensers, two TF29 "Copperhead" tube mics and much more.

Steakhouse Studio in Los Angeles, founded in 1986 and specializing in music production in offering 24-track analog recording and HD digital capabilities, recently added a new DC7 Drum Pack to its already considerable collection of TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik microphones.

Chief engineer Sam Madill explains, “We added the Telefunken drum pack to simplify and speed up our work with drummers, and to complement our comprehensive mic collection. Steakhouse is known for tracking drums and we have 30-plus-year history with some of the greatest drummers ever recorded.”

The DC7 includes an M80-SH dynamic, three M81-SH dynamics, an M82 end-address dynamic, and a matched pair of M60 FET condensers with mounts and right angle cables in a hard-shell case. They join an existing collection that includes a Diamond Series Ela M 251E multi-pattern large-diaphragm tube condenser, a matched set of large-diaphragm C12 condensers, two TF29 “Copperhead” tube mics with all-brass K67-style capsules, four M60 FET mics with three interchangeable cardioid, omni, and hypercardioid capsules, and an assortment of M80, M81, and M82 dynamics mics.

Studio partner/engineer Lee Bench explains the history of TELEFUNKEN acquisitions over the years and how the mics have been an integral part of the studio’s reputation with demanding producers and engineers, “We began our relationship with Telefunken four years after partnering with previous owner/partner Steve Lukather of Toto in 1996. We had Toto’s vintage mic collection, which included an original ELA M. Gradually these mics were needed for projects outside of Steakhouse, and that left a huge hole in our mic collection. A rep from the new Telefunken happened to be in town and after hearing their new re-creations of the classic mics, it was the obvious choice.”

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