State Street Church Steps Up To PreSonus

JMP Productions outfits Virginia congregation with WorxAudio loudspeakers, StudioLive consoles and a StudioLive 32R stage box/rack mixer.

Bristol, Virginia’s State Street United Methodist Church recently installed a new sound reinforcement system consisting of loudspeakers drawn from the PreSonus WorxAudio catalog, along with mixing products from the company’s StudioLive III series, as well as PreSonus personal monitoring technology.

JMP Productions of Bristol, VA, a design/build/consulting company serving Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Southern West Virginia, and Western North Carolina, was contracted to design and deploy the church’s new sound system. Company owner Justin Plaster, who oversees sales, consulting, engineering, and day-to-day operations for the firm, consulted with church management to determine their expectations for the new system.

Ultimately, Plaster penned a system utilizing a WorxAudio X2i-P all-in-one compact line array, a TL118SST-P active extended bass subwoofer, along with a StudioLive 32 40-input digital console, a StudioLive 32R rack mixer, and an HP2 headphone monitoring unit.

“The Fellowship Hall at State Street United Methodist Church measures 60 feet deep by 50 feet wide,” Plaster reports. “The room uses moveable seating that can easily be arranged for different types of events and the room’s capacity is designed to accommodate 200 people. Services are contemporary in nature and music is a vital component of their worship services. Further, the space also hosts a once-a-week Recovery service for those with addiction issues. As a result, there are two different contemporary bands that play in this space each week.”

The primary loudspeaker system is a single WorxAudio X2i-P all-in-one compact line array, which is flown over the front center of the pulpit. The X2i-P is a two-way, high efficiency, line array loudspeaker designed for the reproduction of speech and music program material. The system incorporates two medium format 1-inch exit compression drivers coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave former paired with four 8-inch cone transducers. The X2i-P has a 160-degree horizontal by 30-degree vertical coverage pattern.

Low frequency support is achieved via a single WorxAudio TL118SST-P active subwoofer. The TL118ST-P sub bass loudspeaker system utilizes a direct radiating 18-inch, 2,000 watt cone driver in a tuned enclosure, which provides maximum output with minimal distortion and smooth extended low frequency response. At State Street United Methodist Church, the TL118SST-P is positioned at stage right on the floor.

For monitoring, Plaster specified a PreSonus HP2 headphone monitoring system. Ideal for driving both wired in-ear monitors (IEMs) as well as headphones, the HP2 is used by the house drummer while a few loudspeakers that remain from the previous sound system are also used for monitoring.

When queried about those loudspeaker attributes that made the WorxAudio equipment ideal for this project, Plaster offers the following. “The WorxAudio X2i-P’s 160-degree horizontal dispersion is really quite unique,” he said. “Because of this wide throw, we were able to provide even coverage from one side of the room to the other as well as all the way to the rear of the space.”

At front of house, Plaster and his crew deployed a PreSonus StudioLive 32 40-input digital console while a StudioLive 32R rack mixer is positioned at the stage and is configured for use as a stage box. “The StudioLive 32’s onboard recording capability makes this mixer a tremendously versatile choice that’s equally well-suited to handle their live streaming operations,” Plaster explained. “Similarly, the StudioLive 32R rack mixer’s ability to function as a stage box or a combination stage box and monitor mixer is equally appealing”

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With the new PreSonus sound reinforcement system up and operational, Plaster reports the equipment is having a very positive impact. “The ministry cannot say enough about how good the system sounds,” he said. “With the old setup, they had several dead spots in the room where you could not hear the minister. Now, everyone can hear clearly, and they’re amazed that it all comes from one centrally located loudspeaker system and one subwoofer. And the mixers are very intuitive. After roughly an hour of training from us, they’ve taken over their own training on the mixing system and have really been happy with how easy it is to operate. The combination of PreSonus loudspeaker and mixing systems, along with the HP2 headphone monitor has re-energized everyone—both on stage and in the congregation.”


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