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Spike Stent Mixes Beyonce & Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Vocals With Universal Audio 1176 Anniversary Edit

The 1176AE is a custom, limited-run, “hod-rodded” version of the company's 1176LN studio limiter

Over the past year, Spike Stent who has recently mixed records by Beyonce, Madonna, Lily Allen, Goldfrapp and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has been utilizing a Universal Audio 1176AE limiting amplifier.

The 1176AE is a custom, limited-run, “hod-rodded” version of the company’s noted studio limiter, the 1176LN. It includes enhanced features such as a “super-slow” attack mode and a low 2:1 compression ratio.

When mixing Beyonce’s Double Platinum selling album “I Am…Sasha Fierce”, Stent discovered the UA 1176AE, and it hasn’t left his rig since.

The first time I plugged [the 1176AE] in was like day-one of Beyonce’s record, and it’s not left my vocal chain since,” he states.

Stent finds that the UA1176AE brings an inimitable quality to vocals. “With the 1176AE, I have it set for 2:1, and I love it, love the sound of it. It just brings vocals to life, sonically. It really excites them, without sounding over-compressed, and right in your face,” he explains.

“You know, with some compressors, they just sound like the life’s been squeezed out, but the 1176 doesn’t do that. It still sounds rich and full. It’s brilliant.”

Stent ended up using the same vocal chain for Karen O, singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and is now adding UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins to his rig to explore Universal Audio’s authentic hardware emulations.

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