SoundRadix Introduces Auto-Align Post For Pro Tools

New AAX AudioSuite plugin designed to automatically correct the delay and comb-filter phase issues when mixing a recording of multiple moving microphones.

Building on the proprietary technology of its Auto-Align plugin, SoundRadix has developed a next-generation algorithm that makes phase/time correction of a moving multi-microphone recording of an entire film a matter of a few clicks and a short coffee break.

Auto-Align Post is an AAX AudioSuite plugin for Avid Pro Tools, designed to automatically correct the delay and comb-filter phase issues occurring when mixing a recording of multiple moving microphones, such as in the case of a shoot set-up using a boom microphone in addition to an actor’s lavalier microphone or multiple on-set microphones.

Until now, phase/time aligning multiple moving microphones was a tedious, time-consuming job that often required several ear-twisting days to complete. Not anymore.

“I deliberately created a piece of content to try it out where I set up a fixed boom mic and put a personal radio mic on myself and then walked around in a reverberant space, and when I came to play it back, it was like ‘wow.’” Mike Thornton, production expert editor, London.

Auto-Align Post automatically and dynamically aligns the phase of dialogue recordings captured with multiple microphones.

In modern film and video shoots, it’s common to mic dialogue with a combination of shotgun mics mounted on boom poles, wireless lavalier mics attached to the talent’s wardrobe, and planted microphones hidden in objects on the set. Throughout a take, the boom mic will frequently move to grab lines from different characters. Actors, at times, will move about the set, or turn their heads to address other characters. As all of this movement is happening, the relative distance of each sound source to each microphone is constantly changing.

As a result, comb-filtering, or phase-related cancellations at harmonic intervals throughout the frequency spectrum, are introduced when combining these sources.

The problem becomes more complicated in production sound (sync sound) recordings, because of the continued variations which result from movement on the set. Aligning the phase of two sources at one point in time in these recordings will not guarantee that they will remain in phase over time.

“For years I wanted a plug-in that simply lined-up different mics and do it dynamically. Auto-Align Post is very simple, it does exactly what I wanted it to do, it lines-up all the mics. It kinda blew me away, I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical of it working but it just simply works, it’s great.” Ian Stynes, Great City Post, New York


— Corrects for distances of up to ~112 feet / ~34 meters or a delay of ±100ms
— Dynamic mode enables continuous phase/time correction for moving actors or cameras
— Static mode enables fixed phase/time correction for stationary microphones
— Transparent, filter-free design
— Multi-channel support
— Highly optimized for CPU efficiency and operation speed
— Easy to operate – no manual adjustments required

To celebrate the release, Auto-Align Post will be offered at a special introductory offer of $249. Offer ends September 30, 2018.

During this offer period, those owning a registered copy of Auto-Align before August 21st, 2018 can purchase Auto-Align Post at a special discount price of $149 ($199 thereafter).


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