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Sound Reinforcement For Columbian Festival In New York City Features D.A.S. Audio Aero 2

The AVS crew deployed a large sound system drawn primarily from new models belonging to D.A.S. Audio's recently introduced Aero 2 Series product line

The Colombian Independence Day Festival 2009, one of the oldest and best-established festivals in New York City, had its 25th anniversary outing this past July at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, promoting Colombian culture, values, and traditions.

AVS Production Group, formally known as Abe V Systems (AVS), a Bronx, NY-based production group that, in addition to being a design/build firm for the installed sound market, serves as a provider of live sound for concerts, tours, and special events, was contracted to provide sound reinforcement for the annual festival.

Abraham Viera, AVS President, discussed the challenges of the event, including deployment of numerous D.A.S. Audio components.

“The Colombian Independence Day Festival attracts a big crowd,” said Viera. “While various conditions such as the economy, weather, and concerns about a flu epidemic curtailed some aspects of this year’s event, it nonetheless attracted roughly 50,000 people. That’s a huge crowd and a sound system for a group this large needs to have a lot of power, long throw, and broad, even coverage across a wide area.”

To address these issues, the AVS crew deployed a large sound system drawn primarily from new models belonging to D.A.S. Audio’s recently introduced Aero 2 Series product line.

The main loudspeaker system consisted of twenty-four D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 large format, 3-way line array enclosures—flown 12 per side at a height of 32 feet for the top enclosure.

These loudspeakers were driven by Lab Gruppen PLM 10,000Q Series power amplifiers with Lake processing technology.

In addition to the main left-right speaker clusters, the AVS team also erected two delay towers for supplemental coverage on the extreme sides of the area. Flown with Genie lifts, each tower consisted of six D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A self-powered, 2-way, mid high line array modules.

Low frequency support was equally compelling. For this, the AVS crew ground stacked twenty-four D.A.S. Audio LX-218A high performance, powered subwoofers. These sub bass enclosures were positioned 12 enclosures per side, arranged 3 enclosures wide and stacked 4 rows high.

“These subwoofers pack quite a punch!” said Viera. “The LX-218’s move a lot of air.”

While pleasant weather prevailed on the actual day of the festival, the days leading up to the event were not so cooperative—making system setup a positively delightful affair for Viera’s crew.

“The Aero 50 is a big enclosure,” Viera notes. “Fortunately, D.A.S. Audio’s rigging hardware is very well designed. Because of this, we were able to fly the system quickly and easily, and make the necessary adjustments to provide the proper coverage for the area.”

Viera acknowledged that, with the Aero 2 system being new to his organization’s loudspeaker arsenal, there was some need for D.A.S. Audio’s technical support, which he reports is both responsive and very capable.

“Fernando Garcia, one of our lead technicians, was in regular touch with D.A.S. Audio’s Ramon Franco,” said Viera. “I’m pleased to say that Fernando found the D.A.S. team very supportive. They listened to our concerns and responded politely and quickly. It’s been a very good experience.”

“We’ve been very pleased with the system’s performance,” he continued. “The D.A.S. loudspeakers provide a good, clear high end for impressive speech intelligibility and solid midrange performance. The subs were very impressive and, combined, the system delivered exactly as we hoped it would.

“This system has a lot of headroom, it’s very musical sounding, and numerous techs that mixed for the various artists were very complimentary of the sound quality. There’s real value in D.A.S. Audio’s equipment. This new generation system delivers solid performance and I’m certain more and more artists will include D.A.S. in their riders.”

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