Sound Projects Introduces SPX-65 Hybrid Traditional/Line Array Loudspeaker

At the recent 2009 Prolight+Sound & Musikmisse in Frankfurt, Sound Projects introduced the SPX-65 self-powered hybrid loudspeaker outfitted with a horn with constant dispersion of 65 degrees horizontal by semi-curved 20 degrees vertical, enabling it to be used both as a traditional portable 12-inch box and as a small to medium sized line array column.

The wide vertical dispersion pattern of the full-range SPX-65 improves the acoustic coupling at shorter distance, enabling several SPX-65s to be flown or stacked to emulate a medium-size curved line source. Cabinets can be used in vertical configurations starting from one cabinet up to six cabinets with the present rigging system.

The SPX-65 includes a carefully matched 12-inch mid/bass driver and two 1-inch HF drivers loaded on a double Wave-shape-transformer, terminated by the 65-degree (h) by 20-degree (v) constant directivity horn.

Together with an accompanying sub low system, like an SP18 sub cabinet, the frequency response can be extended an octave downwards. .

The SPX-65 is part of the Sound Projects’ Sigma Series (hybrid line array line).

The partly integrated SPX rigging hardware is designed to easily install a line array column of up to six cabinets. A single multi-angle connector is used to connect the cabinets enabling angles of 10, 20 and 30 degrees. The array can be flown below a sub-array of SP2-10 and/or SP18 with a simple fly frame.

Maximum efficiency is obtained through optimal interaction and full integration of the employed drivers, horns, proprietary MA-1000 amplifiers and signal processing technology.

More options with other characteristics will be introduced in the near future as a flexible tool for touring system designers and fixed-install architects.

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