Sommer Introduces SYSPORT Clean Desktop Cable Organizer

New table channels designed to provide organized cable management as well as efficient way to handle regular disinfection.
A new SYSPORT table channel from Sommer Cable.

Sommer Cable has introduced an efficient way to set up workstations for regular disinfection by creating a variety of wipeable enclosures for electronics, with the new SYSPORT table channels designed to provide organized cable management in the workplace.

All connection leads and power strips or power supplies can be securely stowed. With smart universal angles, the all-metal cable duct is adjustable to various positions and can also be used as a connection console for on or under table mounting.

SYSPORT can be ordered and fitted individually with front panels from a range of power sockets, network, HDMI(r) extenders, function keys and many other connection variants. The cable through-holes also allow for a variety of oversize or bulky connectors.

Available in various standard configurations, SYSPORT can also be supplied in specific desired lengths and colors. Go here for more specifics.

Sommer Cable

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