Solid State Logic Debuts New SSL 12 Portable Audio Interface

Latest addition to the Audio Creation Products (ACP) line is a a 12-input/8-output USB bus-powered unit in a desktop format.
The new SSL 12 audio interface from Solid State Logic.

Solid State Logic has announced that it is expanding its line of Audio Creation Products (ACP) with the debut of the new SSL 12, a 12-input/8-output USB bus-powered audio interface in a portable desktop format.

It includes SSL-designed microphone preamplifiers (with Mic/Line and HPF), 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs for guitars, bass or vintage instruments and two professional grade headphone outputs along with 32-bit /192 kHz AD/DA converters. Routing and monitoring options combined with ADAT input supporting eight additional channels of digital audio offer a total of 12 tracks of simultaneous recording and eight channels of playback.

Contained within its SSL 360° software mixer, the interface offers customizable SSL control room. Users receive feedback from I/O metering, assign functions to the unit’s three front panel switches, including key monitor controls; Alternative Monitor Switching, Mono Sum, Invert Phase Left, Dim, Cut,as well as access to an on-board talkback microphone.

Creating up to four independent low-latency foldback mixes is possible via its SSL console-style routing along with recalling sessions via Save/Load function. In addition to this, users can choose between modes (Standard, High Impedance, High Sensitivity) to suit different headphone types or create additional line outputs via re-purposing the headphone outs. ​

In addition, users can configure where the interface’s Loopback feed is taken from: Record the output of a media player (e.g., via Playback 1-2) or create a custom sub-mix of a podcast via one of the Aux Buses (e.g., Line 3-4). Both headphone mixes and line outputs 3-4 are also accessible for aded production flexibility. Comprehensive control is offered by the DC-coupled outputs for creating Control Voltage signals, and MIDI I/O.

Included with SSL 12 is the SSL Production Pack suite of software instruments, sounds, plug-ins and DAW (worth over $1,000), that includes the Vocalstrip and Drumstrip 2 plugins as well as 3-month access to SSL’s Complete subscription and other 3-month licenses from the likes of Antares and Output.

The new SSL 12 is priced at £333 ex.VAT / €399 + tax / $499. Go here for more specifics.