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Founder Ted White at SODA-SOUND studio in Liverpool, which has implemented an Audient ORIA immersive interface and monitor controller.

SODA-SOUND In Liverpool An Early Adopter Of Audient ORIA Interface/Controller

Full-service audio production studio that's been mixing in Dolby Atmos for several years installs one of the first immersive audio interfaces and monitor controllers to come off the production line.

Liverpool-based full-service audio production studio SODA-SOUND, has been mixing in Dolby Atmos for several years in producing more than 8,000 spatial mixes for a client base including Apple, Mercedes, Estee Lauder and Samsung is part of the vanguard of Audient ORIA adopters after installing one of the first immersive audio interfaces and monitor controllers to come off the production line.

SODA-SOUND founder Ted White describes ORIA as “the solution many of us didn’t realize we were waiting for. The clarity and precision the ORIA brings to the table are transformative. With a setup calibrated to perfection, the transition between stereo, immersive and headphone monitoring has never been smoother, ensuring that mixes translate well across all formats.”

ORIA allows calibration, control and monitoring of multi-channel loudspeaker arrays from stereo up to 9.1.6. Designed specifically for creating immersive mixes for formats such as Atmos, it is well suited for music, film, TV, game and VR production.

“Opting to position the ORIA as the primary interface, we were able to streamline our workflow significantly,” White adds. “The ORIA’s flexibility shone through its ability to swap between DAWs and sample rates without a hitch, illustrating its strength as a monitor controller in a dynamic studio environment.

“We can honestly say we’ve never used an interface that is so able to jump between sessions across multiple DAWs and not have issues along the way. I would say that ORIA has actually increased our productivity most in this sense, our down time between jobs is now virtually nothing, as session hopping has just become a non-issue with the ORIA!”

Go here to read more about ORIA at SODA-SOUND.


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