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Smaart Training Coming To Southern California This May

Led by system optimization veteran Harry Brill Jr., class will cover the basics of getting started with Smaart as well as more advanced topics

A 3-day Smaart training class is coming to San Marcos, CA this coming May, to be hosted by Tiger Audio and taught by pro audio and system optimization veteran Harry Brill Jr.

Specifically, the class will be held May 3-5 from 9 am to 5 pm each day at Special Event Audio Services, 445 Enterprise St, San Marcos, CA 92078.

The class will cover the basics of getting started with Smaart 7, as well as more advanced topics such as how to read the Transfer Function and Phase Traces, and how to align loudspeaker systems using three different methods, Impulse Response, Delay Finder, and Phase Trace.

Also addressed will be how to align subwoofers as well as when it’s necessary (and when it’s not), and in general, there will be an emphasis on making and understanding real-world measurements.

Attendees should have experience deploying sound systems with more than one loudspeaker or in a room. Some knowledge of DSP using level, delay, and EQ filters is helpful.

Harry Brill Jr.

Instructor Harry Brill Jr. is a veteran engineer and sound designer with work experience that includes mixing bands, festivals and fairs, system design and integration, touring, corporate audio, and consultation.

Passionate about system optimization, he’s been studying Source Independent Measurement for more than 25 years.

Go here to find out more about the class, and go here to register.

And, go here for the full slate of upcoming Smaart training classes.

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