SM Pro Audio Announces uMiX Series Of Wi-Fi Remote Controllable Digital Mixers

Models provide 56-bit double precision audio signal path with detailed parametric EQ, dynamics, and digital FX available on all channels

At this week’s Prolight+Sound/Messe in Frankfurt, SM Pro Audio has announced the uMiX family of Wi-Fi remote controllable digital mixers, including the uMiX mini (8 channels), uMiX 12 (12 channels), uMiX 16 (16 channels) and uMiX 24 (24 channels). (SM Pro Audio is in hall 5.1, stand B86)

uMiX models provide a 56-bit double precision audio signal path with detailed parametric EQ, dynamics, and digital FX available on all channels. All also include an on-board secure Wi-Fi and Ethernet router and remote microphone preamps, providing a truly out-of-the-box remote mixing solution.

Built for both desktop and touch devices, uMiX brings remote access, multi-touch, key commands, and an intuitive GUI with the look and feel of a hardware mixer. All this is needed is a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with a modern web browser (no apps or software downloads).

uMiX mixer functions include sub groups, view groups, mute groups, mute FX, mute all, permissions, channel safes and more. uMiX stands for “You Mix,” which means everyone in the band can control their own monitor mix. A copy main mix to aux button makes it simple to set up personal mixes.

Gigs can be captured with built-in “One Touch” stereo recording to any USB stick/drive (excludes uMiX mini). Simultaneously play back digital media using the integrated digital media player for remote controlled background music and/or backing tracks—no docking required.

The uMiX16 and uMiX24 offer additional processing on the master outputs from Waves Audio. Waves MaxxBass and MaxxVolume adds drive, punch and polish to mixes while protecting the PA.

uMiX Series Overview:
—Built in router (Wi-Fi and Ethernet)
—Remote microphone preamps
—Wide device support
—Scalable – Link 2 x uMiX24 units with one Cat 5 cable for a total of 48 inputs
—Optional multi-track recording expansion card is available for the uMiX 16 and 24
—One Touch stereo recording. No Dock required
—Media Ppayer for background music or backing tracks
—HDMI display output

Danny Olesh, SM Pro Audio CEO, states, “uMiX is a really exciting product, not just for SM Pro Audio, but for the industry. uMiX technology breaks new ground in relation to affordability especially considering the on-board remote preamps and built in Wi-Fi router.

“We are also very proud that the uMiX software works on a range of devices and operating systems maximizing user choice. No downloads, no apps. uMiX is fully remote controllable with all the benefits of digital mixing and delivers a range of large console features at small console prices.”

Projected European street pricing including 19% VAT:
uMiX Mini – €199.99
uMiX 12 – €399.99
uMiX 16 – €699.99
uMiX 24 – €999.99

Projected U.S. MAP pricing:
uMiX Mini – $249
uMiX 12 – $499
uMiX 16 – $699
uMiX 24 – $999

Expected availability in-store Q3, 2014.


SM Pro Audio