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Skyloft Music Venue Opens With ISP Technologies

Klondike Sound outfits 16,000 square foot performance venue in Albany, NY with HDL 3112 line arrays and XMAX 218 subwoofers.

Skyloft Albany has taken over the 16,000 square foot performance venue that previously housed Rascals Steakhouse. Owned by the team behind other venues including Skyloft in Laguna Beach, California, the new venture differentiates from Rascals in that the new owners will actually utilize the space as a live sound venue with national touring acts.

With the capacity to hold several hundred people, the new owners want to capitalize on The Music Club area which includes a massive stage, main dining area, and three bars. The entertainment venue features a 20-foot LED wall screen, concert lighting and a sound system based on loudspeakers from ISP Technologies.

The 20,000 watt RMS front of house system, consisting of 4 XMAX 218 subwoofers, two stereo hangs of the HDL 3112 High Definition 3-way line arrays with HDL 118 High Definition subwoofers at the top of the hang and a full stage complement of floor wedges, will more than support any national touring act with headroom to spare.

To give the rest of the venue and bar areas an actual high fidelity sound experience, the new owners also kept intact the ISP Technologies patented High Definition Distributed Systems (HDDS) gear. The HDDS gear runs both audio and power down a single run of CAT6 and each loudspeaker is powered with its own amplifier which actually gives the speakers fidelity, unlike the 70Volt systems typically used. Running the system are the HDDS master controls, that can handle up to 6 zones with up to 10 loudspeakers on each run. A combination of the HDDS SB112 subwoofers, SM800, SM 652, CS651 and HDDS pendant loudpeakers were installed throughout the restaurant.

To get the club back up and running, Klondike Sound from Greenfield, MA, was called in to get the system back to full capacity and do an overall tune up of the gear. With over 40 years of experience in both live sound and installation, Skyloft was in good hands.

Jason Raboin, one of the principals with Klondike Sound, also purchased four new ISP XMAX 218 subwoofers to replace those that had disappeared before the new owners took possession of the club.

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