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Signal To Noise, Episode 193: James Holt, Theater Control Software Creator & Theatrical Mixer

Talks about the development of TheaterMix software, including the how and why, challenges along the way and more, as well as the unique aspects of mixing theatrical productions.

James Holt joins the show in Episode 193 and talks about the theater control software (TheatreMix) he created, including how and why, challenges along the way, and more. James also discusses his experiences as a theater mixer. Those with a background in mixing live music are sometimes surprised when they learn how professional musical theater productions are mixed: extensive console automation is employed to bring the active character inputs onto the console VCAs, which are then adjusted “line by line,” helping to minimize the audibility of bleed and phase issues while keeping open inputs to a minimum. This episode is sponsored by Allen & Heath and RCF.

Episode Links:
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