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Signal To Noise, Episode 105: Jess Berg | Audio Engineer, Production Manager & Tour Manager

A passion for music that translated to the audio and production side of the business, the art of mixing jazz, and more.

Jessica Berg, an audio engineer, production manager and tour manager, joins the hosts in Episode 105. Jess got her start playing music at a young age — Neil Diamond was the first person to pay her to play guitar when she was just 16 — but she quickly fell in love with the audio and production side of the business and has since toured with artists such as Dr. John, Waka Flocka Flame, Quadron, and more. In addition to her experiences, she talks about the art of mixing jazz based upon her experiences mixing at a jazz club in Minneapolis. Check out more of her story here at The Signal To Noise podcast is sponsored by Audix and Allen & Heath.

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