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Shure TwinPlex™ Subminiature Omnidirectional Lavalier and Headset Microphones

From robust theater productions to global television broadcasts, professional-level audio production is a must. Shure’s TwinPlex™  line of premium subminiature omnidirectional lavalier and headset microphones support the diverse audio production needs of theater, broadcast, and corporate presentations to produce high-quality audio with superior dependability. Delivering lifelike vocal clarity, TwinPlex’s dual-diaphragm omnidirectional design yields ideal off-axis consistency and best-in-class durability, which is found the four lavalier microphones (TL45, TL46, TL47, TL48) and the fully-adjustable headset microphone (TH53)—available in multiple colors with extensive accessories and options. 

  • Dual-diaphragm element: Offers twice the surface area of other
    subminiature microphones for outstanding sound quality, unprecedented low self-noise, and natural or tailored-for-speech sonic character with exceptional clarity
  • Improved off-axis consistency: Yields accurate reproduction
    regardless of vocal source position or movement
  • Durability: The product’s ultra-thin, medical-grade cable was flexed, stretched, and pulled to its limit during its rigorous testing period; the cables are immune to kinks and memory effects
  • Interchangeable Frequency Caps: TL45, TL46, TL47, TH53 models ship with interchangeable frequency caps which are paintable and can be easily replaced if clogged with makeup 
  • The product’s superhydrophobic coating and interchangeable sweat-resistant frequency caps keep perspiration from upstaging sound
  • Connectivity Options: TwinPlex has more than 60 color, sensitivity, frequency response, and connector options that integrate into nearly any existing wireless ecosystem
  • The capsule design is in an easy-to-conceal package that lays flat under clothing, so sound suits the performer, not the other way around
  • User-guided design: The real experts in audio are the people who use it every day. Developing the dual-diaphragm meant gathering detailed input from leading industry pros at every stage of the process

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