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Shure: KSM8 Dualdyne™ Vocal Microphone

The KSM8 is the world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone for revolutionary vocal reproduction and accurate sound-reinforcement and control. Boasting two ultra-thin diaphragms and groundbreaking reverse airflow technology, the KSM8 delivers unmatched control of proximity effect, presence peaks, and bleed, requiring minimal EQ and processing. Designed for live sound performances, where vocal clarity and sound quality are critical, the KSM8 meets the most discerning quality and reliability standards, while being versatile enough to adapt to changing environments without impacting performance.

  • Patented cartridge design features two ultra-thin diaphragms (one active and one passive) and a groundbreaking inverted airflow system
  • Exceptional control of proximity effect greatly increase working distance without on-axis coloration
  • Neutral mid- and high-frequency reproduction due to controlled proximity effect results in the most natural-sounding dynamic microphone available
  • Neodymium magnet resides in a micro-injection mold of aerospace SoftMag material, maximizing the magnetic field for the highest output level
  • Re-imagined Shure Pumping Pneumatic Shock Mount features tuned cavities, specific resistances, and precisely machined components fully integrated into the cartridge’s acoustic properties, delivering exceptional rejection of handling noise without any loss of low-frequency response
  • Patent-pending Diaphragm Stabilization System technology protects and stabilizes the active diaphragm from unwanted movement from plosives or impact
  • Dent-resistant, hardened carbon-steel grille design lined with hydrophobic woven fabric provides exceptional water, plosive and wind protection


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