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Shure: KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System

The KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System is a premium, portable audio solution like no other. Built for those who want to experience the best possible sound without sacrificing mobility, the KSE1200 seamlessly integrates with portable media players. The KSE1200 utilizes the technology found in Shure’s KSE1500—the world’s-first Sound Isolating™ electrostatic earphone system—but bypasses the DSP and digital functionality already in today’s players. The result is an extraordinary listening experience, at a fraction of the price associated with similar products.

  • Extremely high correlation to the source audio provides the fastest, most accurate transient response on the market.
  • Unrivaled level of clarity, detail and isolation for a portable listening device.
  • The most transparent, high-fidelity listening experience available, where portability is a requirement.
  • Brings the award-winning performance of Shure’s electrostatic technology into a more compact, efficient, and affordable solution, achieved by the circuitry in the electrostatic portion the amplifier.
  • Integrated USB rechargeable battery can conveniently charge from standard USB wall charger or computer.
  • Premium Shure fit and finish and construction featuring an elegantly machined black aluminum housing, manufactured to exacting Shure quality standards.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic earphone shape minimizes ear fatigue while comfortable Sound Isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise.


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