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Shure Announces MXA710 Linear Array Microphone Now Certified For Microsoft Teams Rooms

Joins numerous other models in the company's portfolio of conferencing products that have also received the certification.
A Shure MXA710 linear array microphone wall-mounted in a conference room.

Shure has announced that its recently launched MXA710 linear array microphone is now certified for Microsoft Teams, joining numerous other models in the company’s portfolio of conferencing products that have also received the certification.

The MXA710 can be placed under or next to a wall-mounted display as well as flush mounted in a table. It incorporates patented Steerable Coverage technology that’s designed to capture audio anywhere in room, utilizing four lobes with the 2-foot array and eight lobes with 4-foot array. With onboard IntelliMix DSP, the MXA710 provides automatic mixing, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control.

Further, proprietary Autofocus technology is designed to fine-tune each lobe position in real-time, adjusting for meeting participant movements. Using Designer System Configuration software for deployment, room coverage templates enable quicker lobe optimization specifically for wall, ceiling, or table installations.

Available in 2-foot (60 cm) or 4-foot (120 cm) lengths and three colors (white, black, and aluminum), the MXA710 is compatible with both Dante and AES67 audio networking protocols. It is PoE-powered and features LED status bars at each end of the array with configurable colors and brightness. The smaller form factor is intended for smaller meeting spaces up to 7-8 people that are being equipped with video conferencing to provide greater virtual meeting capability. The larger form factor supports large meeting rooms that seat up to around 18 people. Multiple MXA710 units can be used to provide coverage for even larger spaces.

“Shure’s solutions are built for the hybrid workplace. Your customers, clients, and students will feel like they’re in the room with you when you use our market-leading array microphones,” says Paul Gunia, Director of Technology Partnerships at Shure. “Our entire lineup of Microflex Advance array microphones is now Microsoft Teams Certified.”

“Microsoft Teams Certification requires products to meet the most stringent audio quality standards in the AV industry,” adds Albert Kooiman, Senior Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification. “Shure’s MXA710 provides customers with a high-quality audio experience for superior audio performance during conferencing sessions in an easy to install yet out of the way form factor.”


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