Shure Announces Global Availability Of IntelliMix Room Processing Software

New software brings audio to video conference calls deployed to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices.
Shure IntelliMix

Shure has announced the worldwide availability of new IntelliMix Room audio processing software for Windows 10 PCs that is optimized for use with Shure networked systems microphones in AV conferencing applications.

Previously announced with limited availability in February 2020 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), IntelliMix Room is a software-based DSP designed to require minimal customer setup and no additional dedicated
hardware. It brings audio to video conference calls as it is deployed to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices.

Shure IntelliMix digital signal processing technology is pre-installed on hardware devices such as the IntelliMix P300 audio conferencing processor, the MXA910 and MXA710 array microphones, and is now available in a
stand-alone software form.

IntelliMix Room is designed to provide:
• Natural audio quality for more room sizes and budgets
• Consistent AV quality across rooms
• Fully Dante compliant
• Enterprise-wide licensing
• Scalability and lower maintenance costs
• Ease of deployment and management
• All Dante audio secured via Shure Audio Encryption

The new software deploys the same algorithms as Shure’s IntelliMix P300 and is designed to be installed on the same in-room PC as the conferencing soft codec like Zoom, Microsoft® Teams, Skype for Business, and more.

IntelliMix Room aggregates and enhances the audio output of multiple microphone sources and thus scales-up to support more complex boardroom deployments. It includes echo cancellation, noise reduction,
automatic mixing, automatic gain control, and secure Dante routing to automatically produce a single channel of conference-ready audio.

Once installed, IntelliMix Room runs in the background of the in-room PC as a Windows 10 service. Designed with IT workflows in mind, it can be mass deployed, and configured remotely using Shure Designer System Configuration software.

IntelliMix Room is licensed on three-year and five-year options. Using Shure’s free software – Designer and SystemOn Audio Asset Management — integrators can either set up rooms using Shure’s supplied templates or configure their own for large-scale deployments in their customers’ facilities. Firmware updates are automatically installed.

The University of Southern California (USC) is among the first to install IntelliMix Room, where serving more than 50,000 students and 4,000 full-time faculty members makes effective classroom and elearning technologies important.

USC is working to install IntelliMix Room in 226 rooms by the end of July and another 80 to 100 by next summer, with more than 20 rooms complete at present.

“The microphone clarity and quality on recordings are unbelievable – even with just the factory settings,” says Joe Way, Ph. D, CTS, director of Learning Services at USC “It’s also providing better flexibility for virtual learning as well as in classroom learning with voice lift, a feature that helps automatically amplify the presenter’s voice to other parts of the room.”

With a large population of students attending USC from India and China, travel restrictions due to the pandemic could make physical classroom attendance difficult. Social distancing for other students attending class is a factor as well.

By upgrading the classrooms with IntelliMix Room, the enhanced audio quality can improve the experience for remotely attending students. “Knowing the Shure brand and the quality products they produce on the pro audio side, I knew they’d be the right ones to choose for a project like this,” Way says. “They are an innovation company. They are revolutionizing audio DSP, well ahead of what anyone is thinking on technology.”


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