Seoul Church Chooses Alcons Audio Pro-Ribbon Audio Solution

Changsin Church in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea outfitted with LR14 compact line-array modules, LR14B compact line-array bass modules and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Alcons Audio LR14 pro-ribbon system was chosen by Changsin Church in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea. In common with many older houses of worship, modern expectations have meant that the audio quality of sermons in the 1936-built Changsin Church was no longer good enough.

The Church formed a committee which appointed Jang Young-wook, a church sound engineer and executive director of the Korean Church Acoustics Association, as the project consultant. He contacted the representatives of eight leading audio system manufacturers and asked them to participate in a briefing to be held at the church.

The companies included audio contractor Sky Sound, based in the city of Daegu, which had previously worked with Alcons Audio’s South Korean distributor Corelab on the project to install an Alcons pro-ribbon LR14 line-array system in The Gyeongsan Central Church, in Gyeongsan City. Sky Sound CEO Park Sang-hyun and Corelab’s Baek Seung-hoon had worked together on the Gyeongsan Central Church installation.

Changsin Church – Seoul, South Korea

As well as considering which Alcons pro-ribbon system would deliver the best sound for Church sermons, Baek Seung-hoon also considered what would be the easiest system for the Church officials to use and how it could be used to improve the visual appearance of the space where worship takes place.

“There was a certain amount of reflection and a balcony at the back, with chairs underneath, so I had to be very careful with the sound. The existing system also had cables visible in many places, which detracted from the interior appearance,” he says.

During the two weeks allowed to produce the system proposal, Baek Seung-hoon visited the church when there was no worship taking place to discuss the acoustics with its part-time sound engineer. He also visited during Sunday worship to hear and make a recording of the pastor’s sermon with the existing system.

From this research, he decided that the best Alcons pro-ribbon solution would be a system comprising six LR14/90 compact line-array modules, six LR14/120 wide dispersion compact line-array modules, two LR14B compact line-array bass modules, four VR8 compact versatile monitors and one CCS8 medium-format surround unit, powered and controlled by two Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. The system would provide even coverage throughout, including both above and below the balcony, meaning no secondary speakers would be needed.

A look inside Changsin Church

Sky Sound faced some difficulties with removing the old audio system and flying the Alcons LR14 pro-ribbon arrays, so the company manufactured and installed specially-made wall brackets to hang the arrays from.

“Before installing the Alcons system, not everyone present could properly hear or understand the pastor’s sermons,” says Baek Seung-hoon. “Now everyone in the Church can hear every word and the pastor no longer needs to preach loudly, which was making him tired when using the old system.

“The walls of the chapel also no longer look ugly with a lot of speakers and cables. All church staff and worshippers are now enjoying a very comfortable faith life with the Alcons LR14 system.”

Alcons Audio

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