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Sensaphonics Introduces 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System At 2020 NAMM Show

New ASI Audio x Sensaphonics system combines Active Ambient technology with app-controlled sound tools for music enhancement.
The new 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system, a new concept from ASI Audio x Sensaphonics.

At the 2020 NAMM Show, Sensaphonics introduced the 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system, a new concept from ASI Audio x Sensaphonics that adds sound sculpting tools to patented Active Ambient technology. The system includes universal-fit ambient earphones and a compact bodypack mixer with the ASI Audio smartphone app.

The new 3DME combines isolating Active Ambient IEMs with a bodypack mixer to bring user-controlled, directionally accurate stage sound into the mix with both earpieces in place. The free ASI Audio app provides access to a suite of music enhancement tools via smartphone or tablet, including a 7-band stereo equalizer and limiter to allow musicians to design a personal sound signature, including the option of separate control of left and right channel adjustments.

The app is also used to engage and set the threshold of the on-board limiter. and allows settings to be saved as presets for future recall.

This approach to in-ear monitoring is the result of a joint venture between Sensaphonics technology and Think-A-Move manufacturing, app development and headsets for high-volume applications. Together, they have forged a new brand, ASI Audio x Sensaphonics.

“Our goal in combining forces was to create a next-generation version of our Active Ambient technology from the ground up,” says Sensaphonics president and ASI Audio chairman Dr. Michael Santucci. “3DME is designed for true music enhancement. It takes our concept of using outboard gear to compensate for common audio and hearing issues among musicians, and delivers it in an affordable, app-driven package that works for both amplified and acoustic music, on stage and off.”

All 3DME hardware is new. The universal-fit ambient earphones house a binaural mic system with MEMS microphones designed to deliver ambient sound with natural sound quality and 3D directionality. A “fit kit” of Comply ear tips is supplied to help ensure a good fit, and Sensaphonics will offer low profile custom silicone tips as an option.

The compact bodypack hass up/down buttons for ambience level control and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When connected to the ASI Audio app via its data port, the bodypack helps provide proper fit and maximum isolation with the on-board Sensaphonics Audio Seal Test. That connection is also used for battery charging, product registration, and future firmware updates.

The system offers offstage music enhancement as well. Music from portable devices can be shaped via the EQ functions, while situational awareness from the ambient earphones makes it safer to listen while on the go. Similarly, orchestral musicians and concertgoers can use 3DME as variable-level, high-fidelity earplugs with customized concert sound.

“By joining forces to create ASI Audio x Sensaphonics, we have reached the holy grail of in-ear monitoring with 3DME Music Enhancement,” notes ASI Audio CEO Jim Harris. “We’re very excited to introduce this new approach to monitoring, enhancing the music while enabling safe levels, both on stage and off.”

The 3DME Music Enhancement system is priced at $699 MSRP. Sensaphonics also offers custom-fit soft silicone ear tips for further enhancement.


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