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Sennheiser Wireless The Choice For Atlanta’s 12Stone Church Campus

Greater Atlanta’s 12Stone Church recently expanded its Lawrenceville campus with a new state-of-the-art, 2,600-seat worship center, a 600-seat high school worship center, a 300-seat middle school worship center, and two additional 150-seat worship centers for grade-schoolers and pre-schoolers.

The stadium-style main auditorium features a thrust stage with seating that bends an astounding 220-degrees to accentuate 12Stone’s engaging services. In addition to expanding their facilities, 12Stone expanded their already impressive array of Sennheiser gear and now boast twenty-five wireless microphone and eighteen wireless personal monitoring channels.

The main auditorium uses eight Sennheiser ew 312 G2 body-pack transmitter/receivers and eight Sennheiser ew 335 G2 handheld transmitter/receivers (with MD 835 capsules) for a combination of spoken word, drama and contemporary music.

A Yamaha M7 at monitor position delivers ten stereo personal mixes for as many Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G2 wireless monitor systems. A separate Aviom A-16R supplies eight additional ew 300 IEM systems with stereo mixes. All of the youth auditoriums use wedges, but they still have a range of Sennheiser ew 100 and 300 series body-pack and handheld transmitter/receivers.

“We’ve been using Sennheiser wireless for a long time,” said Ronnie Stanford, lead sound engineer at 12Stone and systems advisor at Atlanta’s dB Audio and Video, the firm that designed the new system.

“It’s just one of those things that has worked so reliably that there was no reason to try anything else. We have consistent RF signal and fidelity that sounds to all – but the most golden of ears – wired.

“In my role as the integrator, I was impressed with Sennheiser’s commitment to both the church and dB Audio and Video,” he continued. “Whenever we needed it, we had on-the-spot help from Sennheiser’s Chris Phillips. They proved to me that not only do they make a good products, they stand behind them!”

With pristine input assured, the rest of the system was built to dB’s high standards to bring spectacular clarity and punch to 12Stone’s congregation.

New Yamaha M7s reside at mix position in most all of the rooms so that new volunteers who train up in one room will be prepared to mix in any of the other rooms. Biamp AudiaFLEX open-architecture DSP processing provides processing for each auditorium and connects them through a distributed system for concourses and hallways.

A zone near each auditorium can play global content or local content.

Danley loudspeakers deliver sound in each auditorium. The main auditorium features an LCR cross-matrix system with three clusters of six SH-50s each and two small clusters for side fill. Nine SH-100s provide room delay and eight TH-115 subwoofers generate extreme low end from three floating cardioid sub arrays.

A Lexicon Lares acoustical room enhancement system uses fifty-eight SH-100s and state-of-the-art processing to manipulate the room’s acoustics in space and time. The smaller auditoriums feature mono systems with a pair of Danley SH-100s and, where needed, use additional SH-100s for side fill.

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